Contribute to Budo Systems

File Issues

You can report bugs, request features, point out documentation errors, etc.

To do so, go to the project’s Issues page, and click on New issue.

Share Your Expertise

FOSS Project Management

We need people who know how to effectively organize and manage a software project, and more specifically, an open source project.

Martial Arts Management

We need the expertise of martial arts school owners, managers, instructors, and other staff, to ensure that we have optimal coverage of needs for this type of business.

Software Engineering

We need programmers who understand Principles of Design Patterns and how to make most effective use of them for this project.

Technical Writing

Many FOSS projects suffer from having poor documentation. We hope to avoid that plight. If you have expertise in this area, we would greatly appreciate your help.

Code with Us

Regardless of whether or not you fit in the expertise areas listed above, you are welcome to contribute to the code of this project. Here are some considerations for programming with us.

VCS: Git on GitLab

Our GitLab repository:

Programming Language: Python

The core model and supporting code is written in pure Python. All the code is typed. You can see more details about the Budo Systems Software Design and the Budo Systems Core API for a better understanding.

  • We use pylint for lint checking the code.

  • We use mypy for static type checking the code.

  • We use pytest to run our test suites.

Documentation: reStructuredText

The source of the documentation is written in reStructuredText and processed by Sphinx. As such, we use Sphinx extensions and plug-ins.

Additionally, the doc strings in the python code is written in reStructuredText syntax.

Code of Conduct

The gist of our code of conduct is “Be respectful”. Read the full Code of Conduct for Contributors page for more details.

Support Our Other Projects

This particular project is the core of the software. However, it’s not designed to be an autonomous program. Instead, it requires other components to drive it. In particular, at minimum, there needs to be a storage component and a view/interaction component. Our other projects will provide reference implementations for these components.

Here are some examples of related projects we’d like to develop.


  • MySQL relational storage

  • MongoDB document storage

  • ArangoDB graph storage

View / Interaction:

  • CLI client

  • REST public interface

  • HTML interface

Expand in Your Own Open Source Projects

See some gaps that aren’t being filled by any of our projects? You’re more than welcome to create one of your own to fill that gap, and share it with the Budo Systems community.

Tell the World About Budo Systems

Share this project with your peers.

Ultimately, the goal is for martial arts school owners to use Budo Systems to run their businesses. The vast majority of these people don’t have an alter-ego who’s a developer. Maybe the various “official” components will be sufficient for them to do so. Or maybe they’ll need to have some custom code written for them.